Hugh of Saint-Victor's Little Book For Building Noah's Ark
Save your soul and your focus by reading like a monk
You Are What You (Don't) Read
Weird maps, talking submarine cables, yelling about English majors

February 2023

Melvil Dewey's quest to make the perfect script
Is a Substack a blog? Does it matter?
Two non-reviews of books about Haruki Murakami, and a balanced breakfast recipe
Or, can you still succeed in publishing just by working hard, writing well, and reading a lot?

January 2023

Copyright extension is bad for books, bad for culture, and bad for (almost all) businesses

December 2022

Deaths in 2022, the public domain in 2023, and people pretending to be robots pretending to be people
Looking back on Musement's first full year
And a few other observations on Katherine Rundell's life of John Donne